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Jǐng Opens the Gates to a Gastronomic Journey Through Song Dynasty

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Taste the Flavours of Ancient China with New Eight-course Menu

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Following the celebrated success of its predecessor, the Tang Dynasty, Jǐng has launched an exciting new eight-course menu inspired by the Song Dynasty, taking the dining experience to even greater heights. Prepare to embark on a multi-sensory journey as you delve into the wonders of Chinese cuisine. This exquisite dining experience focuses on the refined culinary techniques and food culture of the era, inviting guests to savour both familiar nostalgia and new, exciting flavours. From Su Shi, Emperor Song Gaozong, to Lord Bao and General Yue Fei, guests will enjoy a unique dining experience that honours the immortal legacy of celebrities through visual, auditory, and gustatory elements.


At $1,299 per person, the eight-course menu curated by Chef Wu highlights different cooking techniques of the Song Dynasty, with a focus on incorporating wine elements to reflect the era's culinary style. Of particular note is the highly anticipated "Emperor Gaozong’s Orange-flavoured Crab Meat". Legend has it that General Zhang Jun prepared this dish for Emperor Gaozong, stuffing fresh crab meat into oranges to enhance their sweetness, earning the emperor's praise. To recreate this legendary dish, Chef Wu carefully selects the freshest and sweetest oranges, stuffing them with hairy crab meat and crab paste before steaming them with orange juice, wine, and other ingredients. The result is a mouthwatering delicacy where every bite of crab meat is infused with a refreshing orange flavour.


Another standout dish is the "Su Shi Slow-cooked Pork Belly", inspired by the famous writer and gourmet of the Song Dynasty who devoted himself to perfecting the art of stewing braised pork. To replicate Su Shi's pursuit of delicious food, Chef Wu simmers fresh pork belly for four hours over a slow fire, adding Huadiao wine, spices, and more for a fragrant, non-greasy result. The main course, "General Yue Fei's Smoked Whole Goose", pays homage to the General's heroic efforts in resisting foreign enemies. Using smoked Japanese cherry wood to simulate the beacon fire during the war and stir-frying offal with pepper, ginger, onion, and garlic, this flavourful goose dish is full of delightful surprises.


Complete your meal with the delectable "Aromatic Fried Almond Taro Slices with Sweet Farewell Tea”. Experience the reimagined farewell tea, a signature drink in Song Dynasty banquets. Brewed with liquorice, lotus seeds, honey, and other ingredients, the tea's aromatic fragrance helps alleviate any greasiness, leaving guests feeling content.


The eight-course set menu is available in the evening, with a six-course lunch version ($800/ person) also on offer for guests seeking to savour the flavours of the Song Dynasty during the day.


Reservation Hotline: 9801 3006 (WhatsApp)

Instagram: @wearewellwellwell

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