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Shanghai Tang ‘Twist and Tang’ Pop-Up Store

L1, 105B

15 - 31 October 2020

Create your unique standout look with personalised embroidered tapes and frog buttons on your Shanghai Tang Qipao and Tang Jacket

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It’s your turn to take centre stage with Shanghai Tang’s brand new ‘Twist and Tang’ personalisation service specially designed for our beloved Qipaos and Tang jackets. Inject bold personality into your favourite iconic pieces by mixing and matching your choice of embroidered tape and frog button styles; ‘Twist and Tang’ offers a vibrant selection of 10 meticulously embroidered tapes and 10 handmade frog buttons for you to play with.

From the women’s collection, the process begins with the decision to personalise a stretch tailored Short Qipao, Long Qipao or Tang jacket in red or black. Once you decide on your silhouette, pick whether to personalise the piece’s embroidered tape, frog buttons, or mix-and-match both signature elements to create your own stunning combination.


In men’s, start the ‘Twist and Tang’ journey by picking either a black or olive active nylon Tang jacket. To give it your own bespoke feel, delve into different embroidered tape and frog button options and pairings to convey just the right touch of style.


‘Twist and Tang’ personalisation service is now available at the Pacific Place Shanghai Tang until the end of October.


Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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