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Loro Piana presents Bale

L3, 341

2 March 2023

Bale will be available starting from March 2nd in Loro Piana boutiques and on

Loro Piana presents Bale

Bale - the new bag by Loro Piana - is the key accessory for Spring Summer 2023. Sinuous, casual and essential, it encapsulates the maison’s heritage and savoir-faire and at the same time evokes journeys to far off lands.


In fact, Bale is inspired by the story of the Loro Piana family, which, starting in the late 1970s, set off in search of the best raw materials nature has to offer to create elegant, timeless clothes. In particular, on the harsh highlands of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, they found the finest cashmere, which is still delivered by nomadic shepherds in bales and stored in the company’s spinning mill of Roccapietra, Piedmont, before being transformed into inimitable fabrics and garments.


Hence the name Bale, a bag with a design and a texture reminiscent of the precious fibre bales discovered by the Loro Piana family. The fine workmanship and suppleness of the calfskin, with a natural smooth grain or tumbled finish, mimics the consistency of cashmere, while the adjustable shoulder strap wraps all the way around the bag to create a loop motif that echoes the cords and belts once used to fasten the bales.


Featuring a seamless body, Bale has hand-stitched handles, a suede tone-on-tone lining and a removable inner pouch. In addition, the two different sizes (L and micro) and the wide range of colours, from the institutional Navy Blue, Kummel and Warm Tan to seasonal shades like Tea Room, Dark Cerise and Candoglia Marble, make it perfect for every look and every occasion, and for transporting any object, project or memory through space and time.


Precise yet spontaneous, unique and memorable, Bale combines functionality, quality, sustainability and value: essential attributes for Loro Piana, which has made relaxed elegance a hallmark recognised around the world.


Bale will be available starting from March 2nd in Loro Piana boutiques and on

Loro Piana is a symbol of Italian excellence, with collections that embody a distinctive style marked by understated elegance. Since it was founded, Loro Piana has constantly pursued and re-defined its objective of offering exceptional beauty and authenticity to a discerning international clientele, with equal attention to quality of service.

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