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HARVEY NICHOLS Launches Experimental Retail Space SANDBOX


20 May 2021

Adopting a New Retail Format, HARVEY NICHOLS PACIFIC PLACE Introduces a Brand New Experimental Retail Space SANDBOX.

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Harvey Nichols is excited to announce the launch of its experimental retail concept SANDBOX at its Pacific Place store, which serves as a dynamic space that brings together playful and unexpected concepts across the realms of fashion, home, lifestyle, and more. 

The word “sandbox” is often referred to as an isolated environment in the world of programming and software where new ideas can be safely and freely tested. Staying true to its name, SANDBOX will act as an experimental playground and a test environment for new ideas and concepts, where there are no rules, no constraints.

For its launch, SANDBOX will feature a unisex edit of contemporary and streetwear brands such as HUF, RIPNDIP, and Chinatown Market, alongside artwork and collectibles by renowned pop-culture artists such as Mr. Likey and Kenz. At launch, the HUF edit will include a much-anticipated tie-up with Street Fighter, while fans of RIPNDIP will not be disappointed by the latest collection of products featuring the beloved Lord Nermal.

Through SANDBOX, Harvey Nichols aims to deliver new products to customers every month, so customers can expect to see much more newness than normally permitted by the traditional seasonal format. 

Harvey Nichols invites you to explore this fun, engaging, and multi-faceted retail space at its Pacific Place store.


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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