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Dear Harley Bakery's Pop-Up at Pacific Place

L1, Area 1E

Dear Harley Bakery is now launching a new line of premium seasonal fruit cakes slices. They will be introduced at its pop-up store at Pacific Place starting September 23, 2022 for their first shop in the island side.

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Only The Freshest

Dear Harley Bakery uses only in-season fruits shipped in from top-notch global growers. Bakers also carefully inspect them before they’re allowed into your slices.

The signature “Black Forest” cakes are made with sun-soaked Tasmanian cherries only available in January and February every year. “Red Forest” slices are flavoured with perfect little Korean Seolhyang strawberries, while the “Blueberry Forest” cakes are made with giant blueberries from Morocco.

Apart from the three signature flavours, other styles include the Valrhona chocolate-loaded “Chocolate Forest”, the creamy “Banoffee Forest” and the aromatic “Mango Forest”.

Dear Harley Bakery cakes are entirely handmade with love. All products are free from added emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives, so they can be enjoyed in their truest and freshest forms. The three signature flavours are priced at HK$88. We also introducing Petite cake at HK$280 and Pacific Place exclusive “Chiffon Baps” at HK$58, with the attractive appearance with seasonal fruit, add-on different home-made flavour cream. They have five flavours in total, including Matcha, Blueberry, Chocolate, Mango and Strawberry.

Dear Harley Bakery Pop-up Store:
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am - 8:30pm

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