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Craft Beer BOB

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Fosters Circular Economy by Upcycling Surplus Bread and Coffee Grounds

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Maxim’s Group is dedicated to promoting sustainability in its business and operations to support a circular economy. A significant milestone in the Group’s sustainability journey is the launch of BOB (“Bottle of Bread”), a locally brewed craft beer made by upcycling surplus bread, bread crusts and coffee grounds. BOB not only repurposes food waste but also reduces waste and carbon emissions while supporting local start-ups.


Maxim’s Group has partnered with local start-up Breer, which collects surplus bread, bread crusts and coffee grounds from Maxim’s facilities, replacing 100% of the barley used to brew BOB locally. BOB is available in two flavours – Original BOB and Coffee BOB – and has upcycled over 1.6 tonnes of surplus bread to date.


Original BOB (HK$48) is brewed using 25g of surplus bread and bread crusts, combined with Citra hops instead of barley. This refreshing, citrusy Pale Ale features a medium body with biscuit and honey flavours and a slightly malt-forward aroma. Meanwhile, Coffee BOB (HK$55) incorporates 15g of surplus bread, bread crusts and 4g of coffee grounds, resulting in a coffee stout that balances bitter and sweet flavours with hints of dark chocolate. Original BOB recently received a Bronze Certificate (Pale Ale) at the Hong Kong International Beer Awards where judges praised its refreshing and balanced malt-forward aroma. Original BOB and Coffee BOB are currently available at approximately 100 Maxim’s Group restaurants, including Thai Basil and wellwellwell in Pacific Place.


In line with its commitment to reducing carbon emission, Maxim’s Group has also partnered with B-Corporation certified social enterprise EcoMatcher.  For every six bottles of BOB sold, Maxim’s will sponsor the planting of one tree in Asia through EcoMatcher, promoting carbon sequestration and striving for long-term sustainable development.

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