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André Fu Living Dedicates 2022 to the Theme Traces of Nature

L3, 355

Traces of Nature will beautifully retrace the lines of nature to uncover its organic art forms.

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André Fu Living is pleased to announce a new design story for 2022 under the theme Traces of Nature. From May onwards, new AFL pieces will be unveiled throughout the year under this overarching theme, which blends André Fu’s own rediscovery of nature with his passion for traditional craftsmanship. In a departure from the digital world, Traces of Nature beautifully retraces the lines of nature to uncover its organic art forms. The theme will encompass furniture, tableware, decorative lighting and textiles.


Speaking about his inspiration for Traces of Nature, Fu reflects “This past year has allowed me to reconnect with myself – reflecting on my inner values and expanding my perspective, past routine and everyday life. By seeing everyday existence in a new light, I have uncovered personal inspiration in nature. Taking a moment in time to observe and absorb the environment around, one will find repetition, variation and asymmetry, and recognise the power of nature to compose art.”


Visit Pacific Place boutique to learn more.


Opening Hours:

Mon – Thu 10:00 am - 7:30 pm

Fri – Sun 10:30 am - 8:00 pm



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