BIT.FALL by Julius Popp

BIT.FALL by Julius Popp

Pacific Place is delighted to present a unique and first to Hong Kong art installation by the pioneering multimedia artist Julius Popp. The artwork inside two 30 foot containers, combines technology and engineering to create a curtain of water droplets that form an individual word as they fall through the containers at high speed.

The title BIT.FALL refers to the ‘falling’ of ‘bits’, which is a technical term for the smallest unit of information and represents the short life cycle and transient nature of information. Connected to the Internet in real time, the work counts the frequency of words as they appear on Internet news feeds and using a statistical algorithm devised by the artist, these popular current words appear in the containers as water-droplet words.

‘’I want to combine the process of logistics or international trade with the exchange of information that we use in the Internet resources or modern information society. I want to show that these things merge together and go with each other. I use containers stacked on top of each other to show that these things are synchronized and happening at the same time in different regions or parts of the world.’’ Julius Popp

About Julius Popp

Julius Popp (b.1973, Germany) graduated from the Leipzig Academy of the Visual Arts in Germany and has been featured in special exhibitions and collections at prestigious museums around the world, including MoMA (2008), Musée d'Art contemporain de Lyon (2008), London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (2009) the ZKM in Germany (2015) and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (2016). His work was featured at the Olympic Park as part of London’s 2012 Olympics, where it received widespread media attention and interest from the public.

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Photo Credit:Yongkwan Kim
bit.fall pulse, 2015.
Courtesy: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

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