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You Are My Other Me

Wooden Deck, Wing Fung St, Wan Chai

18 March - 28 April 2019

Come by to Starstreet Precinct to see our the Art Month installation.

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This March, as art blooms all around for Hong Kong Arts Month, make sure to come by to Starstreet Precinct to see our first Art Month installation! We worked with New York-based artist, Derick Melander, to create a striking installation for –and by— the neighbourhood. Using clothing donated by our local communities, the sculpture is a towering pillar of cascading colours made entirely from second-hand clothing, carefully-folded and stacked, measuring 2.4m high and weighing over 700lbs.

The sculpture’s name, ‘You Are My Other Me’, is taken from an ancient Mayan proverb referring to the definition of human beings as being part of a community in which we should treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves. The column is reminiscent of sea and sky, made of colours that transition through bands of aqua, periwinkle, and lavender to a crown of royal blue, with bright stars emerging in the night sky, partly inspired by Starstreet’s Sun Street, Moon Street and Star Street.

To create this piece, we worked with local NGO, Redress, to run a clothing drive for the local community. A selection of garments donated from the clothing drive have been used in the artwork, creating a unique and curated art piece for and by the residents and office workers around the community.  

All clothing used in the installation will then be donated back to Redress, making it a truly circular and meaningful campaign: Redress will repurpose the donated clothing, reselling top quality clothes at educational pop-up shops, generating much-needed funds; and redistributing still-wearable clothing to over 20 local charity partners supporting women at risk, children, babies, the elderly, refugees, migrants, the homeless and even animals in need. Finally, any ripped, stained and poor-quality clothes will be recycled at the Novetex Upcycling Factory, a ground-breaking fibre-to-fibre recycling facility which processes and recycles mixed fibres which will be spun into yarn and ultimately made into new clothes.

Both visually impactful and meaningful, the piece echoes Starstreet Precinct’s strong cultural identity and values around environmental sustainability. Through the clothing drive and art installation, we hope to drive awareness of textile waste, encourage us all to be more conscious and sustainable in our daily lives, and inject a little more art and colour into our vibrant neighbourhood and nearby communities.

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Derick Melander is a New York-based artist who specialises in creating large-scale, geometric sculptures from carefully sorted, folded and stacked second-hand clothing. He has recently worked with like-minded brands and organizations including Diesel, Eileen Fisher, Tom’s Shoes, the City of San Francisco and The City of New York. His work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe. “I’m really excited to be creating a new piece for Starstreet Precinct. This will be my very first outdoor sculpture as well as my first exhibition in Asia. The piece will stand 8 feet tall and be made from second-hand clothing, donated by the local community. The garments will be sorted by colour, and will be and carefully arranged to depict a view of the setting sun, as seen from the open sea.”

“For me, the individual garments add a layer of meaning to the finished piece. When I come across a dress with a hand-sewn repair, a coat with a name written inside the collar or a garment that reminds me of a friend, the work starts to feel like a collective portrait. As the layers of clothing accumulate, the individual garments are compressed into a single mass, a symbolic gesture that explores the conflicted space between society and the individual, a space that is ceaselessly broken and re-constituted.”

“The philosopher Walter Benjamin once wrote that “to live is to leave traces” – I feel that the clothing we leave behind is one of those traces, one that is resonant, emotive and filled with pathos. I hope this project brings people together, and helps them see how being more sustainable in their day-to-day choices can make a difference.”

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